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Help us battle pet homelessness and provide more funding to local organizations by spreading the word about Pet Friendly plates with our specially designed widgets and video, plus the option to donate through personal income taxes.
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Actual Plate
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YouTube Link:

Page 2, only

Promote AZ Tax Donations
Example-pg2.AZ-tax form 140
"Pet Plate" purchasing process and Tax Form Information

Links to Service Arizona / AZ MVD Now main page

  • Click Personalized/Specialty Plates option  (click Yes to continue)

  • Search for Pet Friendly/Spay & Neuter plate (click on picture)

  • Click Continue

  • Choose option for plate text and finish the purchase              

Links directly to ADOT's page about our Arizona Pet Friendly/Spay & Neuter plates.
This page provides brief information about the cost to purchase and renew a specialty plate and more.

Links directly to AZ Department of Revenue's Form 140 -

Resident Personal Income Tax Form Page (non-fillable form)

  • Page 2 - Voluntary Gifts Section

  • Line item 74 - Spay/Neuter of Animals

  • Enter the amount you wish to contribute

Example - AZ tax form 140
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