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ABOUT Arizona's Spay and Neuter of Animals Fund

Each year, funds raised through Arizona's Spay and Neuter of Animals Fund are distributed to over 60 spay and neuter projects, statewide. Through a grant process, led by The Arizona Companion Animal Spay and Neuter Committee, animal welfare organizations across Arizona have the opportunity to receive funding to provide spay and neuter support to thousands of animals across our state. Each county in Arizona is provided funding through grantees. These life-saving projects are led by various agencies, local to the region recieveing funding. Opportunities are available to non-profit animal welfare organizations and shelters (including those with community spay and neuter programs), and municipal and tribal animal welfare agencies.

How are funds raised? How can YOU help?

Two ways - Pet Plates and AZ Income Tax Donations

Pet Friendly/Spay and Neuter Plate: This four-color specialty license plate is a must have for any animal lover in Arizona.  It features original artwork generously donated by Scottsdale artist Ron Burns.  Mr. Burns is well known for his support of animal welfare causes and his designation as an artist in residence for the Humane Society of the United States. The plate’s tagline “Pets Enrich Our Lives” identifies you as part of the driving force in the battle against pet homelessness in Arizona.

When you pay just $25 for this Pet Friendly plate, $17 (68%) from the sale of each license plate pays for no-cost or low-cost spay and neuter services for dogs and cats across Arizona. The remaining $8 is collected by ADOT for administrative purposes.

Your support of animals in Arizona continues each year you renew your plate.

You may choose to personalize your plate at the time of order for an additional fee of $25 per year. Personalized Pet Friendly plates are limited to a maximum of six characters including letters, numbers, and spaces.


Order your Pet Friendly plate today.

Visit, (click on personalized/specialized plates) or call the ADOT Motor Vehicles Division office nearest you at:

  • Phoenix area – (602) 255-0072

  • Tucson area – (520) 629-9808

  • Elsewhere in AZ – (800) 251-5866

Contributions Through AZ's Resident Personal Income Tax Returns - Form 140

Now, all Arizona residents have a chance to donate through personal income tax returns.

A taxpayer may designate an amount of the taxpayer's refund as a voluntary contribution 
(gift) to the
spaying and neutering of animals fund, established by section 28-2422.02.

The taxpayer may also donate any additional amount to the fund, in lieu of or in addition to the designated portion of the tax refund, by an appropriate indication of the return and by including that amount with the return.

The Voluntary Gift section of AZ Resident Personal Income Tax Return - AZ Form 140

is located on the second page, line item 74.  Arizona DOR- Form 140 Information


We thank you for your contribution and support to help decrease the number of homeless pets in our state.

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