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Arizona’s Pet Friendly License Plates The “driving force” in the battle against pet homelessness.

Since 2004 – Pet plates have been Arizona’s primary source of funding for the spay and neuter of animals across the state.

In 2017 – A second source of voluntary contributions was added to our plight against pet homelessness – Now, giving all Arizona residents a chance to donate through personal income tax returns. See About for additional information.


Arizona communities have made positive changes in improving the outcome for thousands of animals entering Arizona shelters each year, further providing community programs to help Arizonans spay and neuter their pets; but the battle continues and we still need your help – the animals need your help!


By donating to Arizona's Spay and Neuter of Animals Fund – through the purchase of a Pet Plate for your vehicle or a voluntary contribution through your AZ Resident Personal Income Tax Return 140 – you are helping thousands of animals, through animal welfare shelters and organizations across Arizona; supporting all fifteen (15) counties through grantees.

You can help! Get your Arizona Pet Friendly license plate today!  Visit or provide a voluntary tax donation each year through your personal resident income tax form!

Also, please consider adopting a shelter animal next time you are ready for a new furry addition to your household. Visit your local animal shelter today. Thousands of homeless dogs and cats are waiting to be given loving, forever homes.


Animal welfare organizations - Please visit Marketing Tools for images and links to download and share.


Together we can make a difference for the pets and people in our communities.

Thank you



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