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Funding Guidelines

You may apply for a grant to fund spay and neuter services if you are a municipal animal control agency or a non-profit 501(c)3 agency, such as a humane society or other animal welfare organization. Funds will be allocated as grants to qualified applying agencies each year.

Grant Funding - Maximum amount of request (per project): $10,000.00

Projects available

  • Public Pets (Domesticated) Spay/Neuter Program

  • Free-roaming Cat (Feral Cat) Spay/Neuter Program

  • Sheltered Pets (Government, Tribal or Nonprofit)

Total grant funding available varies, each year. Grant funding for spay/neuter efforts throughout the state is dependent upon total proceeds from the Pet Friendly License Plate sales accumulated for the year ending June 30 and the prior year's tax donation totals.

All fifteen (15) counties are provided funding. Awards will be announced and distributed in November/December.


Grant cycle has closed for 2022.
The next grant cycle will be in August 2023.


Applications are scored based on (including but not limited to)- completeness, details provided of project, the inclusion of all required documents, number of pets to be spay/neutered with requested project dollars, prior year outcomes, and more.
100 possible points


Grant Terms

  • Typically 9-10 months:  From the date of Grant Approval Notice (approx. October 2022) to August 15, 2023.

  • Grant funds must be expended within the time noted on your approval letter, including meeting expectations of pets to be sterilized based on application and approved grant funding.


For questions about the application process, please contact us or send your question to:

You will be contacted by a member of the Arizona Companion Animal Spay/Neuter Committee. 
No phone calls, please.

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